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Best entry in the film/video category in micro marketing. This 'Silence of the lambs parody' won Strategem a  Gold Award. I directed and composited the film

Nominated for best screenplay for a short film for 'In the Valley of the Moon' by the Writers Guild of Ireland.

WINNER of 'Best entry for the animation and film' category & Grand Prix Nominee.

Given complete freedom by the Paddy Power Poker team. I was creative director, film director and did all the post-production/VFX.  Given the very low budget and short filming time, I'm very proud of the 'Irish Open Poker Promo' as it not only bagged me an IDI award for the category but I was nominated for Grand Prix  Award in 2013

Best Screenplay at the 2016 Melbourne Indie Film Festival

Semi-Finalist for Best Film at the Sao Paulo Times Film Festival 2016

WINNER of the Best Film at the Festival at the Galway Fringe Festival 2016

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